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Rethinking the Computer Chip in the Age of AI

09.29.2022 | Read More

Bolstering STEM Education in Cobbs Creek

09.27.2022 | Read More

Pandemic Bike-share Boom Crossed Socioeconomic Lines

09.22.2022 | Read More


MEAM Ph.D. Thesis Defense: “Enabling Ultra-Low Viscosity Lubricants Through Fundamental Understanding of ZDDPs Anti-Wear Additives and their Tribofilm Growth Mechanisms: An In-Situ Study”

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Fall 2022 GRASP on Robotics: Daniel Hashimoto, University of Pennsylvania, “Building Multidisciplinary Teams for Surgical Translation of Artificial Intelligence”

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Fall 2022 GRASP SFI: Ross Hatton, Oregon State University, “Snakes & Spiders, Robots & Geometry”

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