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Gabriel DeSantis: Penn Abroad Leader

11.05.2020 | Read More

Magnetic Field and Hydrogels Could Be Used to Grow New Cartilage

10.28.2020 | Read More

Through Brain Imaging Analysis in Rats, Penn Researchers Show Potential to Predict Whether Pain Will be Acute or Persistent

10.26.2020 | Read More


Doctoral Dissertation: “Biomechanical & Biochemical Contributions of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Joint Pain: Models, Mechanisms & Patients”

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CIS Seminar: “Challenges of Incorporating Algorithms into Decision Making: Fairness, Welfare and Disparate Interactions”

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PICS Colloquium: “Swarming bacteria as novel active biomaterials – insights into the collective mechanics, particle transport and morphological adaptation in swarming bacteria from in-silico experiments”

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