Research and Academic Services

RAS Faculty Contacts

Russell Composto
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Boon Thau Loo
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen
Associate Dean for Educational Initiatives and Assessment
Cherie Kagan
Associate Dean for Research

RAS Staff Contacts

Kim Bothi
Managing Director
Cynthia Buoni
Emily Delany
ODEI and Advising Coordinator
Ellen Eckert
Director for Undergraduate Admissions and Advising
Alyse Edwards
Director for Graduate Programs
Kathryn Elliott
Front Desk Administrative Assistant


Ocek Eke
Director for Graduate Students Programming
Tori Frew
Assistant Director for Graduate Academic Affairs
S. Sonya Gwak
Director, Student Life and Undergraduate Education
Courtney Johnson
Graduate Academic Affairs Coordinator
Lauren Kemp
Employer Relationship Manager
Emily Parry
Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking
Michaile Rainey
Director, Advancing Women in Engineering and Special Programs
Natasha Robinson-Barr
Office Operations Manager
Nadira Williams
Associate Director for Special Programs
William Wright-El
Student Affairs and Advising Coordinator

Graduate Admissions

Christina Burton
Director for Graduate Admissions
Sherry Ferraiolo
Enrollment Specialist
Abby Whittington
Enrollment Specialist


Christine Rahal
Admissions Operations Manager
Claire Going
Media and Communications Coordinator

Additional Programmatic Contacts

Engineering Entrepreneurship Program
Website | Contact Information

Summer Mentorship Program (SMP)/UNITE Robotics Leadership (UNITE)
Chanda Jefferson

Phone: 215-746-8126
Website | Contact Information

Get to RAS:

The Office of Research and Academic Services (RAS) is located in 109 Towne Building.

Office hours are from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday during the academic term.

To contact the office, call the reception desk at 215-898-7246 or email