Staff Advising Information + Hours

Staff advisors in the Research and Academic Services Office (RAS) are there to guide you in selecting your courses to fulfill your Social Science and Humanities requirements or in choosing Free Elective courses. They can also help you explore other academic options such as study abroad, dual degrees, minors, and submatriculation opportunities in graduate programs across the University. If you find yourself in some academic trouble, need a referral for academic support, or are having some personal problems, RAS Staff Advisors are available to assist you in whatever way they can. (For a complete list of staff at RAS, click here.)



Seeing a Staff Advisor

Undergraduate Walk-in Hours/ Advising Update:

Typically in-person walk-in advising takes place Monday – Thursday from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM during the academic year.  Summer in-person walk-in advisng takes place on Wednesdays from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM.  Please note any questions or advising for Accelerated Masters should be directed to graduate advisors and students can email to set up an appointment.

In order to be seen for Undergraduate Walk-in Advising, you must first join the line via QLESS.  QLESS will notify you when it is your turn either via your mobile device or via the Queue screen outside of the RAS office (Towne 109).  You can join the line only on the days and times listed above for Undergraduate Walk-in Advising.  Once you have been notified, be prepared to show your Green Pass to access the office.


To join the line for Undergraduate Walk-Advising there are three options:

  • Join Online
  • Join via your mobile device by downloading the QLESS App.
    • Search for University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
    • Choose RAS@PennEngineering (SEAS)
  • Join the line via our onsite kiosk
    • The kiosk will be available just outside of our office door

Undergraduate Students will be notified according to how they joined – either via updates in the QLESS mobile app, via text message, or on the Queue screen outside of RAS.  Remember you must show your Green PennOpen Pass to access the office.



Undergraduate Advisors are available by appointment during the semester.  To schedule an appointment, please email one of the advisors indicated below.  Advisors will send students a Zoom meeting link for an online advising session.

Undergraduate Advisors:

Have advising questions or need to talk?

Email for drop-in questions for undergraduate advisors Monday – Thursday.

RAS General Contact:

  • Phone: 215-898-7246
  • Email:
  • Have a quick question for RAS? Chat with RAS via the chat feature in your Google@SEAS account. .
    • Simply engage the Chat feature in your Google@SEAS email account
    • Click on the plus icon (+)
    • Type in
    • Core Chat hours are on Mondays – Thursdays from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM during the semester. 


Advising resumed on January 12, 2022  All current graduate students have been sent advising announcements from the Graduate Programs team.  Please email with questions and/or Accelerated Masters inquiries.

Dean Loo will also hold office hours via Zoom.  Please email him directly for the link.

Graduate Advisors:

We are accessible via email between 8am-5pm (EDT) during the semester as well if you are unable to attend office hours.


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